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Meet Our Founder

Kimberly McElhatten

Kimberly McElhatten is a coach, editor, and copywriter with a passion for personal growth, entrepreneurship, and all things SEO. As the founder of Open Roads, she has helped countless creatives and entrepreneurs share their unique visions with the world.

Kimberly’s career in coaching and editing began over a decade ago, when she realized she had a gift for helping others clarify their goals and achieve their dreams. Since then, she has helped writers and entrepreneurs across a wide range of genres and industries make an impact.

Whether she’s coaching writers to live abundant, productive lives, editing manuscripts to elevate their craft, or crafting copy that drives revenue to her clients’ products and services, Kimberly brings a boundless energy and enthusiasm to her work. Her clients appreciate her deep knowledge of the creative process, her laser focus on results, and her ability to bring out the best in them.

When she’s not working, Kimberly can be found exploring the great outdoors near her home in the Allegheny Mountains and beyond.

What we do

Ready to take your writing or business to the next level?

Open Roads offers three key services to help you succeed:

  • Coaching for Writers to break through Inner Critic work and discover more inspiration, motivation, and purpose in your writing. 
  • Manuscript Services for big picture assessment on short and long works to move you closer to publication.    
  • Copywriting that drives revenue to the products and services you’re most passionate about.

add more creativity, momentum, and passion to your creative life or business.

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