Coaching for Writers

Are you ready to write with flow and ease? To break through Creative Blocks and make friends with your Inner Critic?

"Incredible guidance & inspiring mentorship."

Incredible guidance and inspiring mentorship.

I will always take the road back to Kim’s door when I have writing blocks, editing challenges and a need to crack open my creativity. 

Professional and heart-centered. 

I would highly recommend collaborating with Open Roads.

Sandra Fioramonti-sabene

Founder, Liverpool Arts Center & Creative Rhythms 

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Like many writers, you’ve likely felt a longingness and a calling to your work. 

Maybe since childhood you’ve felt a yearning to write?

It’s time. That’s why you’re here. 

Discover your writer within.

"Kim helped me clarify my mission and define my goals."

Kim’s straight to the point and easy to understand guidance helped me finally define my audience, clarify a writing mission statement and define my goals.

Her prompting provided the momentum I needed to get my blog going. Since working with Open Roads, I have seen my confidence and belief in my writing abilities grow.

I would highly recommend working with Open Roads!

Debbie Bollinger

Blogger, Country Fox Exploring

What is Coaching for Writers?

Coaching connects you with your writing and passions. Get the support and encouragement to take creative risks and master your craft. 

Work with our board-certified wellness coach to tackle self-limiting beliefs and overcome the inner critics who may prevent you from sitting in your chair to write. 

In coaching sessions, get to know your vision and purpose, and set goals to help you get there. 

Reveal your full potential as a writer.

What Does Coaching Look like?

To support your vision and progress, Writing Coaching with Open Roads requires a six-month, 18-session commitment. 

You will likely feel a shift and an awakening after the first session. Your work will support the emergence and vision of your creative spirit. 

Each session is 30-45 minutes. You’ll meet three times each month, with self-assigned homework between sessions to support your growth and craft. 

"I'm no longer writing alone."

I felt solitary in my writing. So it was critical that I take my poetry to the next level if I want more of my poems to be published.

That’s where I found Kim. She became my writing coach for the 6 months during my “poetry season” 

She taught me to think on a deeper level and gave me ideas to think about, asking probing questions to really got me to think and analyze the objective of my poem.  

I learned how I’m willing to listen to constructive criticism, come up with ideas on my own and stick with it, be willing to take risks that I normally don’t take (like focusing on meter), and being dedicated to submitting even though I get many rejections.

She was helpful with recommending me with poets who are similar to my style.

I recommend having Kim as a writing coach because she has the experience in writing and publication. I approach my writing a little bit differently now. It goes beyond the surface and it’s ok to write a bunch of bad poems. I’m no longer writing alone.

Brian Miller

The Blue and White Tent

The Cosmic Tour

Patience of Faith

Common Questions

Yes! You can add pages to your coaching sessions at the rate of $125/5 pages. You can spread those pages across the entire month, or use them all in one session. Pages do not carry from month-to-month.  

Coaching sessions last 30-45 minutes. This is plenty of time to check-in on progress and focus on what’s ahead of you. The brevity of the sessions afford us lightning focus on you and how to keep you moving forward.  

You’ll schedule three coaching sessions each month. You can schedule them however you like. We recommend spreading them across a month, to allow time for integration. 

Yes. 100%. Your work with Open Roads is completely held in confidence. No one will know you’re a client, unless you disclose it. 

No. But, I do offer free, weekly co-work sessions for creatives. You are welcome to join these sessions. Subscribe to my newsletter to learn more. 

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