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"Kimberly helped my business grow."

Kimberly is my social media expert, my blog writer, my web consultant, my SEO consultant, a motivator, and the creator of business solutions. 

Kimberly has been a crucial member of my business team since 2020. With her coaching and consulting, I have increased my business by 50%. I earned $10k more in 2021 than 2020 because Kimberly taught me how to shift and reach more clients.

I pay nothing for advertising in print or social media. I do not have to because my SEO is strong. 

It is sweet to receive calls and emails from people who have found me just by searching. Kimberly has helped me build my brand. She will help you, too.  

Joan Kaylor,MSEd, LPC,DCEP

Founder at Joan Kaylor & EFT Tapping Certification



Supercharge your online presence with a customized branded SEO strategy designed just for you! Gain valuable insight into the best keywords for your brand and audience. Discover how to outrank your competition in search results. Let me help you achieve quick wins and long-term results that will help your brand stand out in a crowded digital marketplace.



Capture the essence of your great offer or product with content that truly connects with your customers and drives sales. Let’s work together to harness your passion and unique voice and create a branded message that truly resonates. With a focus on customer engagement and conversion, we’ll develop content that highlights your strengths and helps you stand out in your market.

"Kimberly captures my voice.
I highly recommend her."

Anxiety Training Testimonial copywriting

Kimberly McElhatten has been my content writer for several years. She is a joy to work with as she is organized, responsible, and wise regarding what is important to highlight with our business.

Kimberly has an uncanny ability to hear my voice as she produces content that captures exactly what I want to convey but with a much better product than I ever could have created.

I highly recommend Kimberly as a copywriter!

Kimberly Morrow, LCSW

Cofounder,  Anxiety Training

The Right Words to Reach Your Customer

What is sEO & why You need it

Maximizing your brand’s visibility online is critical in the digital world. SEO research and effective copy can rank you higher in search results, driving more traffic and increasing sales. Professional copywriting delivers faster results than DIY writing. Let me help you marry your brand’s mission with an authentic, branded voice to stand out and succeed.

"I trust her research & Insights."

Josh Meeder Great Things LLC founder

Working with Kimberly has been a game-changer. 

Her insight and research skills produce content that will reach its audience and is also optimized for search engines. Her background and education in English and teaching further bolstered the incredible work she does.  

I have come to trust her insights and absolutely depend on her research. Kimberly provides a deep and informed strategic plan for any form of communication. This is especially powerful when implemented before any website design, marketing strategy, or sales campaigns are undertaken.   

She is a valued and critical part of my team and business plans.

Josh Meeder

Great Things LLC

why You Need a Copywriter

Maximizing your brand’s visibility online is critical in today’s digital world. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. Through SEO research and effective copy, you can rank higher in search results, driving more traffic to your website and ultimately increasing sales. Professional copywriting is a wise investment for your business, delivering results faster than trying to write it yourself. Let me help you marry your brand’s mission with an authentic, branded voice to help you stand out and succeed.

More Abundance. Less Scarcity.

Ethical sales copy That feels good

Craft sales copy that aligns with both your brand’s and customers’ ethics. Instead of highlighting pain points, let’s focus on the universal desire for growth and transformation.

Your Business. Your Voice.

authentic, branded voice

The first step in crafting copy that aligns with your brand’s ethics and resonates with your customers is the copywriting interview. Through a series of carefully crafted questions, we’ll delve deep into your brand’s voice and personality to create a copy that sounds like you. You are the expert on your product and offer, and I am here to listen and bring your unique words and phrases to life through effective copywriting.

Consistency Across Platforms.

branded style sheet

To save time and ensure consistency in your brand’s voice, I’ll create a branded-voice style sheet. It includes boilerplate copy, branded words and phrases, and guidelines for writing, punctuation, and capitalization. This document is useful for onboarding new talent for social media and paid advertising, allowing them to quickly and easily understand your brand’s voice and guidelines.

Tap into the Customer Journey.

story centered writing

Empower your customers to become the hero of their own story with great copywriting. Instead of just highlighting your product or offer, let’s make your customer the star of the show. With a customer-centric approach to copywriting, we can guide them towards their desired outcome and create a loyal fan base. Open Roads crafts sales copy that inspires and motivates customers to take action and achieve their goals.


Capture & Maintain Attention.

reader & Consumer driven content

Get content appropriate for your audience, their attention span, and their reading level. When you contract copywriting from us, you have an expert reading and writing teacher on your team. I taught middle school, so I’m also adept at keeping and maintaining “hard-to-earn” attention. 

Quick Wins. Long Term Results.

algorithm ready strategy

We provide customized content that caters to your audience’s attention span and reading level. With our copywriting service, you’ll have a skilled writing expert and reading teacher on your team. As a former middle school teacher, I know how to capture and maintain even the toughest of audiences.

Outside Perspective & Coaching Mindset.

a trusted team member

When you work with Open Roads, you’re adding a valuable team member to your small business. As a Co-Active IFS Coach and experienced marketer, I offer an outsider’s perspective to help grow your content strategy and marketing efforts. Together, we can take your business to new heights.

"Our sales improved, significantly."

Working with Kimberly McElhatten has been a successful business move and a pleasure! 

Kimberly took the time to understand our mission when we first began working together.  

She was then able to share her knowledge of SEO and sales by copywriting emails to our customers. 

We have had a has significantly improvement in our sales due to Kimberly’s work, and we also appreciate the increased professionalism of our online presence. 

Elizabeth Dupont Spenser

Cofounder,  Anxiety Training

Generate Leads and Drive Sales with Data-Driven Copywriting

services for small businesses

services for agencies

what I don't do

How does it work?

‘m excited to craft compelling copy that drives sales, but I can’t do it without first understanding your target audience and product offerings. Here’s what the process looks like:

  • Answer an in-depth copywriting interview and questionnaire about your business and target audience
  • Share the websites of your leading competitors
  • Provide access to your Google Analytics
  • Share your client testimonials, sales emails, meeting transcripts, and writing samples
  • Send us your web designer’s wireframes (if available)

Then, I’ll write the copy and send it to you for review, along with suggested modifications to the wireframes. Remember, a poor design and UX can hinder great copywriting from converting.

Once you provide feedback and edits, I’ll make the necessary changes and send you the final copy. For larger projects, a 60% deposit is due upon contract signing, followed by a 30% payment before receiving the first draft, and a final 10% upon project completion. For smaller or recurring projects, we kindly request a monthly retainer. Let’s work together to drive your business forward.


Common Questions

I work on an hourly rate that guarantees the best value for your investment. I offer project estimates with deliverables and estimated completion time. My rates and production times are on par with industry standards for high-quality copywriting.


Book my time at the start of the month with a retainer to ensure priority attention. You can use the retainer for a variety of services such as website copy, emails, graphic design, and coaching sessions. Unused hours exceeding one hour carry over to the next month, providing even more value for your investment.

Before crafting your website copy, I conduct a thorough copywriting interview and branded SEO strategy session. This helps me understand your business and your target audience.

Once we have gathered all the necessary information, I begin writing the website copy. It typically takes around 2-3 hours per page to deliver engaging and conversion-focused content.

If you want to maximize your website’s potential to rank higher on search engines, I can also add SEO touches that will enhance its optimization. This involves an additional 20 minutes per page, but it’s worth the investment in the long run.


No. But I can help you find grants and capital to pay for our services. 

I frequently see entrepreneurs trying to bootstrap their businesses. The truth is that most of the time these business fail because the owners don’t want to seek help raising capital to pay for marketing. 

Hard truth: Marketing should compromise 25-percent or more of your annual budget. For large businesses, their marketing budgets are often 50-percent. 

Your local business community is on your side and waiting for you to tap into their resources. I can help you locate them.

Absolutely! I offer two types of editing services that can help improve your current content and boost your brand’s presence:

  • Developmental editing: This service includes a comprehensive report that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of your content, along with actionable recommendations to improve it. I’ll also identify opportunities to optimize your content for SEO, making sure your brand gets the visibility it deserves.
  • Line editing: If you love your content but want to make it even better, this service is for you. I’ll go through each sentence of your content, making changes that provide consistency across your brand, increase conversion rates, and improve readability.

While I don’t personally offer proofreading services, I have a vast network of contacts in the editing industry. I’ll be happy to find the best proofreader for your industry and contract them for you at a small fee.

With my expertise and industry connections, you can trust that your content will be polished and optimized for success.


I start the process by truly understanding your brand and how you communicate your product or service. Through our meetings, I carefully listen to your unique speaking style and repetition of words to capture your voice accurately.

I transcribe our meetings and use the information to create word clouds, ensuring I have reliable data to craft your Branded Voice. The next step is to develop your Branded Style Guide, which outlines key phrases to use and avoid, grammar rules, and even boilerplate copy.

This guide serves as a secret marketing weapon for your brand, as it provides a consistent voice across all written content and directs your team on how to write for your brand. Additionally, it includes guidelines for implementing your branded SEO strategy.

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