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"Kimberly helped my business grow."

Kimberly is my social media expert, my blog writer, my web consultant, my SEO consultant, a motivator, and the creator of business solutions. 

Kimberly has been a crucial member of my business team since 2020. With her coaching and consulting, I have increased my business by 50%. I earned $10k more in 2021 than 2020 because Kimberly taught me how to shift and reach more clients.

I pay nothing for advertising in print or social media. I do not have to because my SEO is strong. 

It is sweet to receive calls and emails from people who have found me just by searching. Kimberly has helped me build my brand. She will help you, too.  

Joan Kaylor,MSEd, LPC,DCEP

Founder at Joan Kaylor & EFT Tapping Certification



Get research into the best keywords for your brand and audience. Through this research, also understand where your competition ranks in search results and how to outrank them. I’ll create a branded SEO strategy for quick wins and long-term results. 



You have a great offer or product. Let’s capture your passion and voice to write content that connects with your customers and drives sales. Together, we’ll build a branded voice you feel good about and that drives sales.

"Kimberly captures my voice.
I highly recommend her."

Anxiety Training Testimonial copywriting

Kimberly McElhatten has been my content writer for several years. She is a joy to work with as she is organized, responsible, and wise regarding what is important to highlight with our business.

Kimberly has an uncanny ability to hear my voice as she produces content that captures exactly what I want to convey but with a much better product than I ever could have created.

I highly recommend Kimberly as a copywriter!

Kimberly Morrow, LCSW

Cofounder,  Anxiety Training

The Right Words to Reach Your Customer

What is sEO & why You need it

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research helps you get to know your customer’s organic search journey to find products and services. Invest in SEO research and SEO-driven copy to rank on page 1 of search results and drive traffic to your website, products, and services.  

"I trust her research & Insights."

Josh Meeder Great Things LLC founder

Working with Kimberly has been a game-changer. 

Her insight and research skills produce content that will reach its audience and is also optimized for search engines. Her background and education in English and teaching further bolstered the incredible work she does.  

I have come to trust her insights and absolutely depend on her research. Kimberly provides a deep and informed strategic plan for any form of communication. This is especially powerful when implemented before any website design, marketing strategy, or sales campaigns are undertaken.   

She is a valued and critical part of my team and business plans.

Josh Meeder

Great Things LLC

My working relationship with Kimberly began on a joint client project. As part of a collective team, my digital production responsibilities placed me in total reliance on her copy for the client.

Reading her clients’ transformative and perfectly paired voice, I was drawn to her writing and work style.

Kimberly brings more than just fantastic copy skills to the table—she brings a calm, thoughtful presence that supports the allowance of cohesiveness within disconnected thoughts and ideas.

I felt such a strong connection to her process and copy that I hired her for my copy. She is strategic and richly talented at finding the exact voice needed.

Furthermore, her SEO knowledge sets her apart from other copywriters, and I plan to refer her to anyone seeking a wordsmith. 

Lysa Green

Freshtake Productions

"Her SEO skills set her apart..."

Lysa Greer Headshot for Open Roads Copywriting Testimonial

why You Need a Copywriter

You think like an entrepreneur. I think like a customer. You know your product or service. I understand the psychology and language of selling that product or service. 

I’ll marry your mission with an authentic, branded voice.

Professional copywriting is an investment in your business that delivers results faster than bumbling your way through writing it yourself. 

More Abundance. Less Scarcity.

Ethical sales copy That feels good

Get copywriting that aligns with your ethics, but more importantly with your customers’ ethics. Instead of poking at pain points, your sales copy will tap into the universal yearning for growth and change.

Your Business. Your Voice.

authentic, branded voice

The copywriting process begins with a copywriting interview. During this interview, you’ll answer questions that explore your branded and its voice. I’ll listen for your unique words and phrases so we write copy that sounds like you. After all, you know your product and offer better than anyone else.  

Consistency Across Platforms.

branded style sheet

A branded style sheet that includes boilerplate copy, branded words/phrases,  and words to avoid. It also includes specific direction on how to write, punctuate, capitalize content, and so much more. This document is a time saver when onboarding new talent for social media and paid advertising. 

Tap into the Customer Journey.

story centered writing

Every customer is a hero on a journey. Bad copywriting centers a product or offer as the hero solving a problem. Great copywriting centers the customer as the hero, with you or your product as a guide to get where they want to go. Let’s get them there with great content and copywriting.

Capture & Maintain Attention.

reader & Consumer driven content

Get content appropriate for your audience, their attention span, and their reading level. When you contract copywriting from us, you have an expert reading and writing teacher on your team. I taught middle school, so I’m also adept at keeping and maintaining “hard-to-earn” attention. 

Quick Wins. Long Term Results.

algorithm ready strategy

Attract leads and customers to your site with research-driven content informed by the most current algorithm preferences of Google and beyond. Contract my SEO services and get content that not only wins attention, but outranks your competition. From local SEO to long term strategy, Open Roads’ copywriting drives traffic and get results. 

Outside Perspective & Coaching Mindset.

a trusted team member

As a small business owner, you’re likely the only employee or one of a few. When you contract with Open Roads, Kimberly becomes part of your growing team. As you know, we’re better when we’re together. I’ll bring an outsider perspective to your business and help you grow your marketing and content strategy. It also helps that I am a Co-Active IFS Coach.  

"Our sales improved, significantly."

Working with Kimberly McElhatten has been a successful business move and a pleasure! 

Kimberly took the time to understand our mission when we first began working together.  

She was then able to share her knowledge of SEO and sales by copywriting emails to our customers. 

We have had a has significantly improvement in our sales due to Kimberly’s work, and we also appreciate the increased professionalism of our online presence. 

Elizabeth Dupont Spenser

Cofounder,  Anxiety Training

Generate Leads and Drive Sales with Data-Driven Copywriting

services for small businesses

services for agencies

what I don't do

How does it work?

I can’t write copy that converts to sales without learning about your target audience and your products or offers.

If it’s a large project, we’ll do a complete version of what’s below. Smaller projects will require less. 

So, before we begin to write, you’re invited to

  • answer an in-depth copywriting interview and questionnaire about your business, target audience
  • send us the websites of your leading competition
  • provide access to your Google Analytics
  • send us your client testimonials, sales emails, meeting transcripts, and writing samples of your own so we can get to know your voice
  • send us the wireframes from your web designer (if you have them) 


After that, I’ll write the copy and send it to you for your review, along with modifications to the wireframes. (A poor design and UX will prevent great copywriting from converting.) 

After you remit feedback and edits, I’ll make the appropriate changes and send you the final copy. 

For large projects, 60-percent is due upon signing a contract. Thirty-percent is due before receiving the first draft. The final 10-percent is due upon project completion. 

For small or reoccurring projects, a monthly retainer is kindly requested. 

Common Questions

No. I understand this is the current trend among independent contractors and freelancers.

It’s flashing and helps make the sale. But, we work on an hourly rate that guarantees the best value for your investment. 

I do offer project estimates. This includes deliverables and estimated completion time. My rates and production times are on par with the industry standard given the quality of copywriting that I deliver. 

Yes. Book my time at the beginning of the month to guarantee you’ll be my priority. Use that retainer to commission website copy, emails, graphic design, coaching sessions, and more. 

Unused time in excess of one hour is rolled over to the next month. 

Before I begin to write, we do two things: a copywriting interview and the branded SEO strategy.

Once we have the research and strategy, it takes two to three hours per page to write the site.  

If you want your site fully optimized for SEO, I’ll spend an additional 20 minutes per page adding the SEO touches that will help your page rank more quickly. 

No. But I can help you find grants and capital to pay for our services. 

I frequently see entrepreneurs trying to bootstrap their businesses. The truth is that most of the time these business fail because the owners don’t want to seek help raising capital to pay for marketing. 

Hard truth: Marketing should compromise 25-percent or more of your annual budget. For large businesses, their marketing budgets are often 50-percent. 

Your local business community is on your side and waiting for you to tap into their resources. I can help you locate them.

Yes. I offer two types of editing services for businesses. 

  • A developmental edit of your current content with a comprehensive report on its strengths and weaknesses. This report includes action items to help you improve the content you already have. This report will also include opportunities for SEO. 
  • Line Editing for your current content. You might really love your content, but want new life breathed into it. In a line edit, we make changes to your sentences to provide consistency across your brand, to increase conversion rates, and to improve readability. 

 I do not personally offer proofreading services, but I can find the best proofreader for your industry and contract them for you for a small fee. 

I have thousands of contacts in the editing industry and I’m certain I can find the perfect one for your business. 

I begin with listening to you and how you talk about your product or service. I listen for words you repeat and your unique style of speaking. 

Each meeting is recorded and transcribed so I can capture exact words and key phases. Next, I create word clouds from these meetings so I have reliable data to refer back to when creating your Branded Voice. 

From here, I create your Branded Style Guide. This guide directs your team how to write for your brand. It includes boilerplate copy, key phrases to use and to avoid, as well as your brand’s rules around grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It also includes implementation guidelines for your branded SEO strategy. 

It’s your secret marketing weapon that other small business almost never have. 

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